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Film Forming Fluoro-Protein Foam Extinguishing Agent
 (Model: FFFP2%、FFFP3%、FFFP6%)

These extinguishing agents are easily adapted for use in various low-expansion foam generators. Our film-forming fluoro-protein foam extinguishing agent(FFFP) contains a special surfactant that promotes excellent extinguishing properties. It is compatible with the BC type and ABC type powder extinguishing agents.


The Film Forming Fluoro-protein Foam extinguishing agent (FFFP) is effective in extinguishing large oil tank fires.  It is widely used in fire protection and fire extinguishments in airports, oil fields, large chemical plants, oil depots and ships. 


We produce two types of above foam extinguishing agents. One may be used with sea water as well as with fresh water. The other may be used with fresh water only. Please specify which type (fresh water type or sea water-compatible type) is desired when you place your order.

We also produce low-viscosity and super low-viscosity above foam extinguishing agents.If you have a special situation, let us know. We can produce an extinguishing agent to meet your needs.


Mixture Ratio:

FFFP2%:  Mix 2 parts extinguishing agent to ninety-eight parts water  

FFFP3%:  Mix 3 parts extinguishing agent to ninety-seven parts water   

FFFP6%:  Mix 6 parts extinguishing agent to 94 parts water 


Flow Temperature:

Normal type: ≤-10degrees C
Cold-resistant type: ≤-14 degrees C
Super Cold-resistant type: ≤-18 degrees C ~ -25 degrees C

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