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Aqueous Film Forming Foam Extinguishing Agent

(Aqueous Film Forming Foam Concentrate)

(Model AFFF1%,AFFF3%,AFFF6%)


These extinguishing agents exhibit low expansion foam fire extinguishing  properties which are adaptable for use in various low-expansion foam generators.  The Aqueous Film Forming Foam Extinguishing Agent (AFFF) can be used in combination with powder extinguishing agents and can be used to extinguish large oil tank fires. It is widely used in fire protection and fire extinguishing in airports, oilfields, large chemical plants, chemical storerooms, oil depots, and on ships.


We produce two types of above-mentioned foam extinguishing agents. One may be used with both seawater as well as fresh water. The other may be used with fresh water only. Please specify which type (fresh water type or seawater-compatible type) is desired when you place your order.

Mixture ratio:

AFFF1%: Mix one part AFFF1% to ninety-nine parts water.

AFFF3%: Mix three parts AFFF3% to ninety-seven parts water.

AFFF6%: Mix six parts AFFF6% to ninety-four parts water.


Flow Temperature:

Normal grade: ≤-7.5  degrees C

Cold-resistant Grade: -12.5~ -25 degrees C


Packaging, Transportation and Storage Requirements

Package and transport in 25 L, 50 L, and 200L  plastic drums

Avoid mixing with other chemical or foam extinguishing agents during shipment and storage.

Keep the agents cool during shipment and storage: -5 degrees C to 50 degrees C

Avoid storing in direct sunlight.


Technical Data

 Freezing and thawing

No visual sign of stratification, non-homogeneity or sedimentation.

 PH Value


 Freezing Point (℃))



Rate of flow exceeds that of reference liquid

 Spreading Coefficient

Positive Spreading

 Sediment before aging


 Sediment after aging


 Foam Expansion 20℃


 25% Drainage Time 20℃ (min)


 Fire-extinguishing Time (min)


 25% Burn-back Time (min)



Plastic barrels of 25kg,50kg200kg.

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