Fire Helmet Fire Helmet Fire Helmet Fire Helmet
Product name : Fire Helmet
Product No. : 20090325058
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Model I: EN Fire Helmet

1. Made of GFRP material that are of stock absorption;

2. Lightweight, extreme high heat resistance and super durable;

3. Integral insulation of the entire protection zone;

4. Full face protection, injection molded; The visor is anti scratch and fog;

5. Using raster mechanism; Safety chin strap can self regulating;

6. Positioned to be side, opens by a grab into the "V";

7. Standard: EN443

Model II: NFPA Fire Helmet

1. High-heat thermoplastic outer shell;

2. Comfortable Sure-lock ratchet headband;

3. Balanced 4-point nylon crown straps;

4. 3-point chinstrap with quick-release buckle;

5. Rip-stop nomex ear/neck protector;

6. Leather ratchet cover;

7. Removable fire-resistant, absorbent cotton brow pad;

8. Quick-attach faceshield or goggle system;

9. Standard: NFPA1971;

10. Color: Yellow or Red.


Model III: Rescue Helmet

1. Light weight Kevlar fiberglass reinforced composite shell;

2. UV resistant hi-gloss paint finish;

3. Headband with removable leather for cleaning and replacement;

4. Nape strap with ratchet size adjustment between 52-64cm for comforable fit;

5. 4-point nylon webbing cradle system with for optional comfort;

6. 2-point polyester chinstrap comes with quick release buckle and breakpoint;

7. Internally retractable eye protector;

8. Rear goggle strap;

9. Standard: EN443


Model IV: Fireman Hood

1. Material: Nomex and fabric;

2. Standard features: Face open, sholder cover;

3. Color: White, Blue, Black

4. Standard: EN13911 or NFPA1971

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