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Motor Chain Saw Motor Chain Saw
Product name : Motor Chain Saw
Product No. : 20090325055
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1. Product Name: Portable Gasoline Chain Saw
2. Brief Introduction:
1) Modular production to ensure the high quality;
2) Good starting performance;
3) Special design of overall electronic ignition, reliable and excellent performance, suitable
for all weather types.
4) New appearance, compact structure and easy maintenance.
5) Use a combination of wire spring and damping rubber with high strength, excellent
damping effect.
6) Powerful engines with high reliability.
3. Technical Specifications:
Engine Type
 Single-cylinder, two-stroke, air-cooled gasoline engine
Cylinder Diameter*Stroke
 45.2mm x 34mm
Rated Output power:
Relent Speed:
Fuel Mixture Ratio:
Fuel Tank Capacity:
Engine Oil Tank Capacity:
Guide Bar Size:
Chain Pitch:
Chain Gauge:
N/G Weight:

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